Your blueprint for reaching goals

Reaching your goals

If you’ve been working through the weekly steps, you’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year. If you haven’t, it’s not too late. Revisit my earlier blogs and get going.

One huge mistake people make is giving up after a month or two has gone by without any change, and they slip back into what they’ve always done.

It’s time to do something different in order to get something different.

Today’s blog is one more about setting your goals. It’s a contemplation piece that is critical to your success.

You can assess the quality of your stated goal with a series of questions you can ask yourself:

Why do I want to pursue this goal? Is it something I really want to do for myself or am I doing it because others expect it of me? Am I doing it because it will bring me fame and fortune and people will think highly of me?

Am I pursuing this particular goal because I have nothing better to do? Because I don’t know what else to do? Because I really don’t know what I’m interested in?

Does pursuing this goal get me closer to the overall lifestyle I want to have for myself? Does this goal feed into my overall plan? What other things become possible when I reach this goal?

Is this goal a true priority? Does pursuing this goal take away from other more important goals or priorities I have in life?

Does this goal truly reflect the values I proclaim to have?

Does the goal contribute to the overall mission of the organization, agency, or company where I work? Does this goal help me get a raise or promotion? Am I spending too much time on a petty goal and avoiding more difficult goals? Am I using the petty goal to pretend I’m so busy working when, in fact, I shouldn’t be pursuing it at all?

Is my goal Specific? Measurable? Attainable? Results-oriented? Time-bound? If not, how can I improve it? Have I built in an evaluation stage? Am I prepared to re-do parts of my work if they aren’t up to standard in order to reach the goal?

Now that it’s a SMARTER goal, what next steps do I need to take to move toward achieving it?

What tools or resources do I need in order to achieve my goal? Does it require money? Equipment? Work space? Assistance from other people? Who has already done what I’m trying to do? Can I get advice, support, or assistance from those people?

What is a realistic deadline for each step in reaching my goal? When is the optimal time to work on these steps?

Do I have a system in place for reaching the goal over the long-term? Do I have a plan for when pursuit of the goal gets thrown off track? Do I know how I will handle or recover from interruptions, setbacks, or mistakes?

What does “done” look like? How will I know when I’ve completed my goal?

I recommend writing the answers to the questions above that apply to your situation. When you’re finished you will have a great blueprint for getting where you want to go.

With a detailed blueprint in place, it becomes easier to reach your goals.

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