Your beliefs are keeping you stuck


Beliefs help you succeedOver the past two weeks, you’ve taken a shot at listing your priorities and then examined where you find yourself today by ranking the various categories in your Wheel of Life.

You may have had a difficult time defining exactly what your priorities are, what’s really important to you. You also may have found that the gap between what you think your priorities are and the way they show up on your Wheel of Life is a bit too wide. That is, you may not be living those priorities too well.

This week let’s take a minute to pause, take a deep breath, and move into an exercise about belief that will help further define your priorities.

You’ll choose the things in your life — priorities, goals, what to say yes and no to, etc. — from what you believe. If you believe you can’t do a thing, you’re not likely to make it a priority or a goal. If you don’t believe in a thing, you’re likely to make choices that take you away from it.

Ultimately, one question you will have to come to terms with is what you believe to be possible.

For example, you may say your priority is health and that you’re going to lose weight. So why is it that you don’t do it? Part of the reason lies in what you truly believe.

Goal: I’m going to lose weight.
Belief: I can’t lose weight. I’ve never succeeded at anything.
Belief: I’ve tried before and it never worked.
Belief: I don’t deserve to be healthy and happy because people always told me I’m no good.

Maybe you don’t have a problem with your health, but your finances are a mess. What is it you truly believe about money?

Goal: I’m going to be financially secure.
Belief: My parents told me money is the root of all evil, so it’s bad to have it.
Belief: I don’t know how to make a lot of money, so I can’t have it.
Belief: I can’t imagine myself with a lot of money. That would mean I’m successful and I’ve never been successful at anything.

Over the years, you may have found yourself settling for far less in reality than what you dreamed about. You may have convinced yourself that you can’t have it, can’t do it, can’t be it. Those are beliefs.

One of the key ingredients in your success will be whether you truly believe in what you are doing, dreaming, wanting. Without that, it will be almost impossible to get it.

This week, take time to look at your priorities and your Wheel of Life and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I living my priorities?
  • Do I truly believe that I can live my priorities?
  • Have I chosen my priorities based on what I believe is possible? Do I need to question or change my beliefs?
  • What priorities or goals have I taken off the table because I believe they’re not possible?
  • How many times have I given up on something when it got difficult? How many times have I given up on something because my heart wasn’t in it? How many times have I given up on something because I just didn’t believe I could have it?


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