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Do You Know Where You Are Going newspaper clippingYou have to decide the aim of your time management. Is it to be productive? Is it to spend more time with your family? Is it to keep your desk clean? Is it to be recognized by the community? Is it to get a promotion and a raise?

You may be struggling to decide what your goals are. If that’s the case, take some time to get clear about what you like in life.

What are your interests, likes, and dislikes? Make a list of your favorite things. Out of that kind of contemplation you will see a pattern emerge of what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. Then you can do some research or talk to a mentor or coach about how to proceed.

It helps to establish whether your goal is an end goal or a means goal. Is it a way to simply get to something else or is it ultimately what you’re trying to accomplish?

For example, for me, losing weight was a means goal. It wasn’t simply to weigh less; it was to be healthier. If I had lost the weight and continued to eat fast food, I would not have reached my end goal of being healthier.

When you state the goal very clearly, it will help you determine the next steps. Just as important, your clear goal will help you determine what not to spend time on.

For example, when I started playing harmonica, and later guitar, my goals were the same with both instruments: I wanted to make noise that sounded like music and play well enough to amuse myself. That’s it. Quite literally, that was the entirety of my stated goals.

Since I was clear about what I was after, it was easy to choose the right instructional materials and equipment. I wasn’t going to spend time learning to read music or studying a lot of music theory because they were not part of my goals. My goals were to make noise and amuse myself.

Being clear with myself also made it easy to tune out people who said to me, “You need to learn to read music.” I would just smile and nod. They didn’t know my goals and I didn’t need to explain them.

What is the ultimate result you would like to see come to fruition from your effort?

Sometimes the goal you reach may not look exactly as you visualized it. In the course of pursuing the goals, conditions may change, your understanding of the process to get the goal may change, or it may be easier or more difficult than expected. These are all normal parts of the process.

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