When storms rage…



As I write this, there’s an epic storm raging outside: blinding lightning, rolling thunder, lashing winds. It’s about 2:00 am.

I get out of bed and walk around the place. Check the area by the bedroom balcony door where the rain seems to be coming in the house. All is dry.

I walk through the living room to make sure there are no leaks or other problems as a result of the pounding just on the other side of the thin pane of glass.

I have a front-row view of the mayhem through the large glass doors and windows.

It’s easy to imagine sailors of bottomless courage being tossed about in such a tempest thinking it’s all in a day’s work.

It’s easy to imagine that their courage is really just silent fear and that they’d much rather be home with loved ones than battling Mother Nature.

As I stand there, several other things come to mind:

First, this storm, like every other storm before it, will end.

Second, I’m not the only one going through the storm, so there’s no need for self-pity.

Third, I’m going to be tired tomorrow, but I’ll grab a few minutes of sleep somewhere along the way.

And last, everything’s fine because a lot of planning and preparation went into building this house. I’m safe and dry.

Other images and words race through my mind. Among them, these lyrics from a song I loved many years ago:

Some days the gales are howlin’
Some days the sea is still as glass…

…Now the shorelines beckon
There’s a price for being free

Kind of sums it up, I think. Some days are wonderful; some bring challenges. Sometimes the challenges are, well, challenging.

And when I need to catch my breath, I can take a step back.

Eventually, the winds subside, the sun reappears, and the rains dry up.

I received an email yesterday from a friend that read: “Taking a week or two media, Facebook, and email break to concentrate on my health and a few other things. Just need some mental decluttering….”

Bravo! Come in out of the storm when you find the elements to be just too overwhelming, when the rains are pelting you just a bit too hard. Get through the storm and regroup.

I — like you — get to choose the attitude with which I’m going to face the storms of my life.

I — like you — get to decide when to come in from the storm and regroup.

I — like you — get to decide what my freedom looks like.

I can tie myself to the mast of my circumstances and force myself to feel every biting, driving, bitter dagger of rain, count the injuries, and dwell on my suffering.

Or I can prepare myself as best as possible and realize that I must take the bad with the good. It’s part of the game.

I began this year blogging about the steps you can take to move closer to getting what you want. This month, I’ve written about more general things that have come to mind to give you a chance to dwell on your path, stay on target to reach your dreams, or to catch up if you need to.

As the month comes to an end, it’s time to get back to the serious business of fulfilling dreams. Are you ready?

Get the Nerve!

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