When life gets in the way of the best of intentions


Mary and Jim's weddingIn an earlier blog, I talked about my plans to resist the Thanksgiving onslaught of food. The idea was to put reminders in my calendar in the days running up to Thanksgiving and on the holiday itself.

This holiday became a bit different; Jennifer and I were visiting my family in New York. Resisting temptations of one day is difficult enough, but my sister got married two days after Thanksgiving. This meant family gatherings, parties, the reception, more parties, and food, food, food for five days straight.

I’m still shocked at the wide array of food served at the wedding reception and grateful I didn’t see the dessert station until we were leaving.

Truth be told, I didn’t get out unscathed from my time in New York. But it could have been far worse.

When I returned to Texas, I discovered I had gained only four pounds (and Jennifer wants you to know how unfair that “low” number is, as she gained even more). With all the pasta, breads, and sweets floating around, I consider this a minor miracle.

Ultimately, I wasn’t too concerned about gaining weight on the trip because the calendar reminders not to pig out at Thanksgiving were only the first part of the plan.

The second part was to get back to walking and going to the gym as soon as possible after returning home.

I had a pretty good idea that I would be more or less dormant for the two weeks we were gone, unwilling to go for walks in the cold New York rain and, on occasion, unable to get off the couch even if I wanted to get outside.

Now that we’re home, though, it’s a different story. Jennifer and I keep very little junk food – almost none – in the house. And we’re reasonably good about getting each other out of the house for a walk or a workout.

And this is the foundation of getting what you want: have a good, workable plan, and work toward your goals with someone else to motivate you whenever possible.

If I were alone in this endeavor, I would have put on 15 pounds in New York and retreated to the couch when I returned to Texas, too exhausted to even move.

Decide what you what and how you’re going to get it. Use tools, mechanisms, and reminders to stay on track as much as possible, and make it easier on yourself by doing it with someone else.

If you fell down at Thanksgiving, don’t worry. You still have Christmas to put reminders in place and get what you want.

And, no, I will not be going to New York for Christmas.


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