Developing Inspiring Leaders

Leadership isn’t just for managers. It’s about teaching everyone to bring out the best in others and create an environment people want to be a part of. A great leader communicates the vision of the organization and walks the talk. But all leadership begins with personal leadership—how you manage yourself, whether that’s showing up to work on time, completing projects on schedule, or having a positive, respectful attitude. Teach the people in your organization the foundations of leadership, the qualities and habits of good leaders, how to foster collaboration and relationships, how to communicate goals and responsibilities, how to give and receive criticism, and the importance of legacy.

  • Developing effective leadership
  • What every great leader must know
  • The critical quality a leader must have
  • The habits of successful leaders
  • Overcoming fear and excuses
  • Creating a strong leadership legacy


Positive Interaction with Difficult People deal with difficult people, mean coworker, get along with my coworker, impossible to work with, effective communication, time management, joe serio, get the nerve, get the nerve to succeed

How much does ineffective communication cost your organization? When your team is dealing with difficult coworkers or customers, morale and productivity drop. Or worse: angry customers can really damage your organization’s reputation if they aren’t handled properly. Provide your team with the tools to deal with difficult people; provide superior service to internal and external customers; give and receive criticism; handle conflict; improve motivation and morale; and create a safe place for creativity, innovation, and diverse ideas.

  • Understanding basic personality types, how they see the world, and strategies for interacting with them
  • Fundamentals of conflict resolution
  • Effective ways to defuse tense situations
  • How to give and receive criticism
  • A new way to think about customer service


Turbocharging Your TimeTime management, time management skills

So many hours are lost at the workplace wasting time, dealing with disorganization, focusing on the wrong priorities, and working on the easiest tasks instead of the most impactful. Much of this is caused by perfectionism, procrastination, and failure to deal with fear. Time management, organization, and focused energy are the keys to producing high-quality work and meeting deadlines. Hire Dr. Joe to teach your team how to manage time for increased productivity and greater effectiveness.

  • Managing fear and procrastination
  • Understanding multitasking and mastery
  • Effectively setting and achieving new goals
  • Managing your time and self to achieve all your goals


Overcoming Fearcritical thinking skills, better thinker, problem solving, figure out what to do, joe serio, get the nerve, get the nerve to succeed

Fear impacts our thoughts, beliefs, and confidence, among other things. Dr. Joe explains the sneaky ways fear can show up in your employee’s lives, including procrastination, perfectionism, failure, success, blame, and excuses. Overcoming Fear is the key to their work performance, time management, relationships, and most other aspects of their lives. Help stop their fear in its tracks so they can Get the Nerve™ to be successful!

  • Examining the roots of fear
  • How to identify and reduce fear
  • Understanding fear and productivity
  • A seven-step success plan for overcoming fear
  • Four essential truths about fear