Time Management: Get the Nerve to Go For It!

It’s critical to understand that, ultimately, our biggest obstacles are our self-limiting beliefs. This may be the single most important concept to grapple with as we imagine the kind of life we want. It’s frequently the only thing standing between us and success.

The issue isn’t really about knowing how to do something. Everything we need to know is out there waiting for us to pick it up. We know how to lose weight. We know how to become millionaires. We know how to get good grades in school. We even know how to land people on the moon.

The central issue is typically one of desire, focus, and discipline. Here’s a keystone question: Have I decided what I want? Don’t take this word “decided” too lightly. We can either decide or not decide, there is no in between. Related to truly deciding is the idea of “committing.” Am I committed to it? Either we’re truly committed or we’re not. We can’t be committed to an undertaking and not committed at the same time. Am I willing to do what it takes to get what I want?

Until you decide and commit, it will be impossible to build something of long-term significance.

About Joe Serio

Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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