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If someone asks you, “What’s your vision for your life?” what would you say? And don’t say 20-20…

But let’s actually talk about it in terms of eyesight for a second.

Some people tell themselves their vision is good enough, but it’s really not. Things aren’t as clear as they need to be.

When driving, they might have to react at the last second to avoid something they should have seen earlier and risk an accident. They might miss an important sign and fail to make a turn. It might be difficult to make out the road ahead, especially in stormy weather or when things are darkest.

But they don’t go to the doctor. They hate the idea of glasses or contact lenses, and Lasik is scary or too expensive. They do nothing until it’s absolutely necessary.

So, think again about what you would say if the question is: “What’s your vision for your life?”

Are things pretty blurry? Are you missing important signs on your journey? When the hard times come, and it’s difficult to see the road in front of you, do you keep moving toward your vision or do you wander to something else because you really don’t know where you’re headed?

Having a vision is one of the most important things to develop in your life. It’s not just a goal; it’s bigger than that.

Vision is the picture of your life you develop when you tap into your passion, when you sit in a quiet room and daydream without the voices of negativity and defeatism ringing in your ears. When you push aside self-doubt for the moment and think about the life you would love to live.

When the words “I can’t do that” or “I couldn’t possibly try that” enter your mind, you need to stop and reset yourself.

Those are words you taught yourself based on the opinions of others. You stopped yourself from dreaming over and over because of your fear of what others would think of you, because others told you that you were being silly, or because others told you not to dream. You thought that meant you shouldn’t do it.

You didn’t realize they were giving you those messages because they had given up on their visions.  

Your vision comes when you leave the question “How?” out of the equation. Don’t worry about money, support, or logistics at this point. Just let the vision be what it’s going to be.

When you follow our passion faithfully and develop a vision that is strong, your creativity and innovation will help lead the way to making the vision a reality. When you pursue a weak, blurry vision, you’ll lack the energy for the effort needed to transform that vision into a dream come true.

So, now I’m actually asking you: What vision do you have for your life?

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Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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