Take action to reduce frustration

Creating order out of chaos

Ok, it’s time to take a break.

For the past couple of months, you’ve been thinking about your beliefs, values, and priorities. You understand the basic questions to ask in order to set SMART goals and go get what you want in life.

If you need to review, simply go back through my blogs starting in January 2015. These blogs are your blueprint for making significant change in your life, small step by small step. If you follow this plan and take the steps each week, before you know it you will have achieved more than you thought possible!

This week I want you to take very small actions at home that will help you set the stage to move forward.

So often, you look past all the ways you’re sabotaging your own efforts by being messy or disorganized. You have all kinds of justifications for it, but the fact is justifications never get things done. Making the small changes will help you feel better and will create momentum to keep moving forward.

I’ll be taking action right alongside you.

For example, this week I’ll take a look at my closet to make sure everything is in order with my clothes and shoes and that there’s no junk accumulating in it. And if I need to take action to change something, I will.

How long will this take? About 3 uninterrupted minutes. What will be the impact? Every time I open my closet I will see a clean space that helps me feel good about my environment.

I’ll also look at my work space at home. I know that when I’m really busy, it can get messy. I also know that when there’s a lot of work coming up, I need to be as organized as possible.

How long will this take? About 10 uninterrupted minutes. What will be the impact? I’ll be organized and ready to work without the visual and physical clutter all around me.

The other thing I’ll do is check the junk drawers in my house. Are they ridiculously full again and difficult to open and close? Are they a source of frustration in my life? Am I hanging on to things that in no way support my efforts to get what I want in life?

How long will this take? About 10 uninterrupted minutes. What will be the impact? I’ll be able to open and close the drawers easily and I will have taken a step to reduce my frustration just a little bit.

If you’ve let your closet, your home work space, and your junk drawers go for too long, it will likely take you longer to bring order to them. That’s fine. Decide. Commit. Succeed.

So pick one or two things at home that will be easy to clean or straighten up.

Determine the time you think it will take to get it done and put it on your calendar. Otherwise it won’t get done. After you’ve completed your task this week, doing it in the future will only take a couple of minutes.

You may think these actions are too small to have an impact, but you’d be surprised by how much of your frustration comes from self-sabotage. Messy closet? Self-sabotage. Disorganized office? Self-sabotage. Overflowing junk drawers? Self-sabotage.

You may claim that you just don’t have the time. No, you don’t have the time because you haven’t made the time. That’s how this works. If you want less frustration in your life, you have to take the steps to set up a life of less frustration.

In such a short period of time you can bring order to your life, decrease your frustration and stress, and create momentum to have more of what you want in life.

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Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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