Make a plan to do it or it won’t get done

Schedule your to-do list

In my previous blog, I encouraged you to take 10 minutes to celebrate the accomplishments you had in 2014. Focus on the positives, acknowledging your strengths and successes.

Did you do that last week? If not, ask yourself why. You may have thought it was a silly exercise. You may have dismissed your successes as inconsequential or meaningless. You may have convinced yourself they happened because of other people and not your own effort and contribution.

It’s important to do the exercise, in part, because you create great energy for moving forward. Another reason is, down the road, you’ll find that I’ll ask you to do other things that will build on the previous blogs, so do your best not to ignore them or minimize their importance. Even if it seems silly or seemingly too minor to matter, jump right in.

Just because something sounds too simple doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a big punch. This is how success is gained, one small step at a time.

So, now that you have celebrated 2014, I’d like you to think about and make a list of the things that were left undone.

What were you meaning to do but never got to? What did you promise your spouse, kids, significant other, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues you’d do for them or with them? It might have been projects, tasks, chores, trips, whatever. It’s critical that you write this list down.

Here’s an easy 3-step process for handling the items on your list:

1. Look over your list and decide which items are important and still have to get done.

2. Cross out the ones that will not get done either because it’s too late, you’ve lost interest, or aren’t really that important in driving your bigger goal in life.

3. Schedule on your calendar those things that still remain on your list. That’s right, schedule them. It doesn’t matter if it’s to clean the garage or the gutters next summer, schedule it for next summer. If it’s to bring order to your office, schedule it even if it has to be done on a Saturday.

Here’s the critical thing to know: If an activity or project is not scheduled, odds are it won’t get done. And your success is dependent on getting things done.

Carrying tasks from year to year and never getting them done is the foundation for regret. And when you get to the end of your road, you don’t want to be filled with regret.

Clear your list of things that are not pushing you toward success.


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