How to ignore that “I can’t do it” voice

Fear keeps us from having what we really want. That chatterbox in our minds constantly tells us why we can’t do You can do anything. Live your dreams. Be successful. Gain, saying things like, “I’m not smart enough.” “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t have the resources.”

I’m going to show you how to quiet that chatterbox and change your limiting beliefs.

First, it’s very important that we recognize that the things we tell ourselves are not always true. Our fears have voices of their own, and we tend to hear them more loudly when we’re thinking of going outside our comfort zones. Here are a few examples:

  • If you’re applying for a new job: “They’re going to see right through me. I don’t know what I’m doing. They’ll never hire me.”
  • If you’re thinking of writing a book: “Why would anyone care what I have to say? I’m nobody.”
  • If you’re going to a networking event: “No one will talk to me. I’m not interesting.”

It’s painful to see how we punish ourselves instead of being excited about what we’re capable of.

Instead of listening to these voices, you can prove them wrong and quiet them down. This technique comes from motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, and it really works.

First, get about 20 sheets of paper or a notebook, then write out these categories, leaving several sheets of paper for each:

  • Finances
  • Work
  • Spiritual
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Education

Now, in each of these categories, write down all the lies your chatterbox tells you in pencil leaving several blank lines below each one.

Then, go back and fill in the spaces with the truth in red pen. (A red pen draws your eye, helping you to notice and remember only what is real and ignore the lie. Since you wrote the lie in pencil, you can erase it when you’re ready so all you’re left with are your personal affirmations.)

Once you’ve done that, you read through it several times a day until the negative thoughts are gone.

As you look back through the pages and pages of lies, you’ll be absolutely shocked by the vicious way you constantly attacked yourself on a daily basis. These lies are a poison that kills your self-esteem and jeopardizes your chances for a happy life.

When you learn how to believe in yourself, you’ll find the strength, optimism, vision, and courage to radically change your life. So, go grab your paper, pencil, and red pen!


About Joe Serio

Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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