How successful are you in all areas of your life? Measure it and find out.

How successful are you in your life?

Ok, now we’re getting on a roll. In the first four blogs of 2015, I asked you to:

1) Celebrate 2014.
2) Identify things left undone in 2014.
3) Have difficult conversations.
4) Identify your priorities.

These actions clear the way for you to start living your priorities better than ever before.

Your task for this week is to push on toward your priorities. This exercise will take about 15 minutes, but it’s one of the most important ones to help you get real with yourself.

It’s called the Wheel of Life. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Google the phrase “Wheel of Life.”

Step 2: Go to Google Images for Wheel of Life. You should easily find this wheel:

Wheel of Life


Step 3: Print it.

Step 4: On the scale of 1-10 that you can see in each slice of the wheel, put a dot at the mark where you would rate each category in your life right now, with 1 being terrible and 10 being excellent.

Step 5: Connect the dots you made.

Step 6: Take a few minutes to look at the wheel. Your rankings don’t all have to be at 9 or 10 and your resulting wheel does not have to be perfectly round.

The point of this exercise is to think about the things you listed as your priorities last week. How did you rank them on your wheel? In other words, are you living your priorities? Are you walking the talk? Or did the priorities you listed last week get a low score on your wheel?

It’s easy to talk about what’s important in your life, and it’s easy to talk about what you’re going to do. The question is: Are you spending your time on the things that are most important to you?

This is a simple exercise, but it can be powerful if you’re willing to face the brutal facts about where you are in your life and where you’d like to be.

As you read that last sentence, you may be tempted to start listing all the reasons you can’t live the life you want.

Hold off on that list of excuses for the time being. We’ll talk about that soon. For the moment, though, I want you to do this exercise without excuses, without negativity, and without pessimism.

Just be honest with yourself about where you are right now and, if you aren’t where you want to be, make a commitment to pay more attention to the top priorities you listed last week.

As we go forward, I’ll show you how to get them.

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