The Number One Way to Help You Decide

I’ve talked about the importance of “deciding” and “committing.” You’ve either decided or you haven’t. You can’t be “kind of decided” or “kind of committed.” Either you are or you aren’t.

Today, let’s talk about this issue of deciding. It’s easy to say you have to decide, but what does that mean? A lot of us struggle with the process of deciding. And, in many cases, we don’t actually have much of a process at all.

How long have we bounced from idea to idea, job to job, or relationship to relationship, not really sure of what we want? How many times have we convinced ourselves that we’ve “decided” only to change direction a few days or weeks later? Months and even years can pass and we still haven’t gained significant ground.

“You have to decide what you want” is really a non-threatening way of saying “you have to decide who you are.”

The devil is in the details. The more specific you can get in this process, the more clarity you will gain, and the easier it will be to decide which road to travel.

The number one way to decide what you want and where you’re going is to take inventory.

Write down – yes, write down – your likes and dislikes, your passions and irritations, your strengths and weaknesses, your skills and deficiencies.

This will help you decide where you stand right now, what you like and don’t like, what you should capitalize on and what you need to improve, what deserves your attention and what you shouldn’t waste your time on.

Underlying all of this is a basic statement of your values, beliefs, and goals, also to be written down.

What kinds of people do I like? What kinds of relationships do I want? Once you answer that question, it will help you decide whom you will spend time with and how you will communicate.

How much money do I want to make? What kind of residence do I want to live in? This will help you decide what kind of job to go for and determine the skill set you may need to acquire or improve upon in order to get it.

How much do I want to weigh? What kind of health do I want to have? This will help you decide what kinds of food to eat and how much exercise you will need.

There’s more to it than this – like consulting the right people along the way – but if you skip this first step, the chances of being able to decide and getting what you truly want are slim.

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