How to build a career you can be proud of

Get a little uncomfortable, and learn how to stand out!

This week’s Q&A:

“I feel like I’m ready to do something new at work. How do I take that next step in my career?”

To really know what’s best for you, you have to look at where you are in your career. Have you stalled out, or are you eager to move up the ladder to get to your dream job?

Stalled out

Have you noticed that you’ve been in the same position in your department for several years with very little change? If your department is small, you may not really have anywhere to grow to. If that’s the case, you should be actively working with your manager (or others) on preparing yourself for a new position on another team. Otherwise, nothing’s going to change. Finding a mentor is a great place to start. [Read more…]

5 ways to get over your “story” so you can be free to move forward

What's your story?

This week’s Q&A:

“I feel like nothing in my life is changing. I just keep thinking about all the things that’ve gone wrong, and nothing seems to get any better. What can I do to break this cycle?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, that means you’re really ready to move forward, which is great news. You’ve been telling yourself your “story”—why your life is the way it is—all your life. It’s what you’ve come to believe from your experiences, assumptions, observations, and how you chose to interpret them.

You’re going to have a story of your life. Unlike in childhood, though, you can now consciously choose it. [Read more…]

Critical tools for setting priorities so you can get everything done

Critical tools for setting priorities

Here’s this week’s Q&A:

“When I get really busy at home and at work, everything seems important and I don’t know where to start. How do I prioritize my tasks?”

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of your daily tasks, especially with all of the distractions from technology, interruptions from colleagues and family members, and new responsibilities arriving all the time.

You can determine what’s a high priority and what’s not by answering these three critical questions: [Read more…]

Simple tools for taking the fear out of starting conversations

Take the fear out of starting conversations

Today’s Q&A:

“I want to do more in my career and life, but I’m not that good at talking to people. How can I improve my conversation skills?”

Starting conversations is an area that so many people get nervous about. They shrink from talking people they don’t know well (or at all).

Much of this anxiety is comes from the fear of being embarrassed, being awkward, making mistakes, feeling like you’re not interesting enough, or simply not knowing what to say. [Read more…]

When to walk away from a job you hate and how to find a better one

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Here’s today’s Q&A question, and it’s an interesting one:

“I’m stuck in a job I don’t like, but I haven’t been in it very long. How do I know when it’s OK to go? And what if I have trouble finding something better?”

Wanting something better for yourself is always commendable. With that, though, there can sometimes come the guilt of leaving behind a boss or co-workers to whom you don’t want to be disloyal.

You have enough anxiety in your life—there’s no sense in worrying over something you can’t do anything about. This is your life, and your needs come first. Everyone understands that. People don’t stay in jobs forever. [Read more…]