The mindset you need to create a great presentation


You can create and deliver an engaging presentationWe frequently look at a finished product and enjoy it for what it gives us, forgetting — or perhaps never realizing — all the work involved.

And it doesn’t matter what the product is. It could be a car, a movie, clothing, a ballet, a song, this blog post, whatever. And, yes, even a presentation.

When the product reaches an especially high level of craftsmanship, it’s even easier to take it for granted. When it looks effortless, it looks easy. We sometimes even tell ourselves, “That’s easy. I can do that.”

But we can fail to appreciate the countless hours of planning, research, rehearsing, performing, building, and re-building — a lot of hard work — that went into making the final product look “easy.”

It’s frequently not until we try our own hand at it that we realize the mastery involved. [Read more…]

It’s all about results

What results are you getting?Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

You might ask, “At what?” It doesn’t matter. Your relationships, your career, your weight, your communication, your life.

You can tell a lot by your results. If you’re not getting the results you want, it may be time to change what you’re doing.

It may be time to stop complaining, criticizing, gossiping, and blaming others for your life.

Are you getting the results you want in order to have the life you want? Yes or no?

If the answer is no, it’s time to do something else.

In order to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Get the Nerve!


How to prepare for Murphy’s Law

How to prepare for Murphy's Law

Part of your personal and professional leadership practices includes your ability to anticipate, visualize, and plan for a variety of situations and create back-up plans for when things go wrong.

And they will go wrong.

I was doing a presentation recently in Colorado on fear, creativity, and innovation. Toward the end of the program, I was presenting my 7-Step Action Plan for Managing Fear from my Overcoming Fear book. Number 4 is “Determine the worst-case scenario.” [Read more…]

How to take control of the end of your presentation

Own the end of your presentation!

I recently posted a blog about creating a strong opening when you have to deliver a presentation. Don’t forget about the ending, though.

You’re flying high because your presentation has gone great, and you’re excited!

You opened up strongly, included some light material where appropriate; moved to the core of your message; developed it; made an argument; and hopefully informed, persuaded, and entertained your audience.

You’ve been delivering your presentation with passion and sincerity, sharing your expertise in a compelling way with stories, photos, videos, and humor, if the situation called for it.

Now it’s time to wrap up, but closing in a boring way undermines all of your effort. Audience members will readily remember the last thing you tell them. Make it special. [Read more…]

How to avoid making this major mistake during presentations

Don't make this mistake!

Don’t make the near-fatal mistake most people giving a presentation make! No, it’s not fatal for you, but it’s fatal to the success of your talk.

You’ve done all your planning, researching, writing, and rehearsing. You’ve communicated with the teacher, program organizer, your boss, or whoever is coordinating the event at which you’re speaking.

The big day has arrived; you feel good and have gone through your pre-talk psych up. You’re good to go. The host has just introduced you.

And now you stand up to start your compelling presentation with passion and energy. [Read more…]