A lunch to change your life

Illustration of a long shadow light bulb with cutleryIn April, I was invited to be one of the hosts of a new program called Lunch with Leaders.

The idea is simple: There are four hosts who meet every month for lunch. Each host invites a guest who is a leader in business, education, the non-profit world, and others. The eight of us go around the table and introduce ourselves. In the course of the introductions, typically a topic will arise that we revisit for discussion after the introductions.

The eight of us get together in the back room of an Italian restaurant and enjoy a conversation over a lovely lunch.

I have to be honest: I wasn’t that enthralled with the idea at first. But, the results of the very first lunch were shocking. [Read more…]

4 ways to claim your freedom

My freedom, written on white paperThe 4th of July just passed. You’re done with your weekend celebrations of freedom as a country. Time to get back on your pursuit of freedom as a person.

Unfortunately, all too often you spend your time locked in a prison of doubt, cynicism, procrastination, fear, judgment, and countless other manacles that keep you from getting what you want, from what you deserve.

Here are four simple ways to begin to claim your freedom: [Read more…]

The medicine to change your life

The best medicineWhen’s the last time you took a really powerful medicine and it made you feel great?

When’s the last time you filled the prescription for this medicine and didn’t need to go to a doctor or a pharmacy to get it?

When’s the last time you took a powerful medicine that helped your entire body, mind, and spirit and it didn’t cost a dime? [Read more…]

How do you lift your big rocks?

One large, red sphere weighs one end of a gray balance beam down while a pyramid of small gray spheres sits high in the air on the other end. Focus is on the red sphere.  Isolated on white.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been writing blogs about how you can get more of what you want in life.

Today, I have a really important question to ask you: How big and strong is your lever?

You have big rocks in your life that you have to move. Your big rocks are projects, responsibilities, and opportunities. [Read more…]

3 ways to make it easier to say no

The phrase Get More Done on a blackboard with a clock

When I was getting my Ph.D., I knew a professor who said no to a lot of things. It was a bit awkward to be on the receiving end of his no, but that wasn’t his concern. When most other people would have said, “Yes,” he simply said, “No.” And that was it.

I soon realized it was no coincidence that he produced countless articles, received numerous grants, and won major awards in his field. He knew that saying yes to the wrong things would take him away from his goals.

Answer this very important question for yourself: Do I have a hard time saying no to people or things? [Read more…]