How to recover from burnout


Burnout doesn't have to take overBurnout is caused by long-term stress driven by a large gap between your expectations and realities. This often creates the illusion that you don’t have a choice anymore.

You’ve been making so many judgments from a place of being totally stressed out that you think it’s either normal or out of your control. When you’re clear about your beliefs, values, priorities, and whether you’re
driven by an internal or external locus of control, you’ll have a much better idea how to respond to things that happen around you.

Whether you realize it or not, you get to choose how you respond to each and every event that happens. [Read more…]

It’s all about results

What results are you getting?Hand writing New Mindset New Results with black marker on transparent wipe board.

You might ask, “At what?” It doesn’t matter. Your relationships, your career, your weight, your communication, your life.

You can tell a lot by your results. If you’re not getting the results you want, it may be time to change what you’re doing.

It may be time to stop complaining, criticizing, gossiping, and blaming others for your life.

Are you getting the results you want in order to have the life you want? Yes or no?

If the answer is no, it’s time to do something else.

In order to have something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Get the Nerve!


People care less than you think

Anxiety word cloud concept with abstract backgroundIf you are a perfectionist and procrastinator, you likely spend countless hours worrying what others are thinking about you. In essence, you give your power and energy away. You make your life about their opinions, assessments, criticisms, and judgments of you.

Of course, you want to be acceptable and accepted. You don’t want to be alone.

But, there are three basic points you should keep in mind: [Read more…]

Are you a loser?

Closeup portrait angry young Unhappy boy, young student displaying Loser Sign on forehead, pointing at you with disgust isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion, expression Body LanguageAre you a loser? That seems like a pretty provocative question. It might catch you off guard if someone asked you that. It’s not your typical question.

Chances are pretty good you’d say no even if someone asked you. No, you’re not a loser. After all, who wants to think of themselves as losers? People do their best to feel good about themselves regardless of reality, regardless of actual decisions and choices they make, regardless of the outcomes they’re getting in life.

And yet, day after day, year after year, people lose, lose, and lose. [Read more…]

Relationships: No-drama zone

Black and white image of a girl with her hand extended signaling to stop useful to campaign against violence, gender or sexual discrimination (image focused on her hands)Family gatherings can be stressful. There can be bickering and disagreements. Emotions flare and someone ends up crying or just pissed off.

As I write this, it’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m preparing to catch a plane on Thursday evening from Houston to New York. This trip has been on my mind for a while; it’s the 85th birthday celebration for my mother – a momentous occasion and a chance to get our clan of 11 kids plus nieces, nephews, spouses, and friends back together.

The predominant feeling I have is one of anticipation and expectation. I expect to have a great time. I expect there to be a lot of conversation and a lot of laughter.

What I don’t have is fear. I’m not dreading this trip at all. [Read more…]