And then the rains came

Diagram of resilienceI had a pretty great visit to a factory last week.

The place isn’t finished being built, so it wasn’t its looks that made it great.

The high-tech, cutting-edge technology hasn’t been moved in yet, so it wasn’t the gadgets that made it great.

It’s the story behind the people in the factory that made the visit great.

The company had just moved into the space in May. They renovated offices and installed their amazing equipment.

And then the rains came.

A nearby river flooded, bringing a couple of feet of water surging through their property. All the work they had done was washed out. Millions of dollars of brand-new equipment was destroyed and the offices were washed away.

Time to start over. And they did. Immediately. That was pretty great.

Once the replacement equipment is installed, the company will offer opportunities for its employees to train and work on it—technology that isn’t available anywhere else.

While production bays in other companies of this kind are called A Bay, B Bay, and C Bay, this company calls them names like the Titans, the Eagles, and the Giants. Each bay has its own identity.

Each bay has a team and a team captain who is responsible and accountable to management. In turn, management has given the captain a lot of decision-making power on issues that concern the team. If there’s a particularly difficult problem in one bay, team members from another bay can lend a hand to ensure that everyone is moving forward together.

In addition to training on state-of-the-art equipment and setting up work groups, the company provides a program on life skills.

The company understands that people don’t compartmentalize as well as we would like to believe: What happens at home impacts what happens at work and vice versa.

The company understands that people can be afraid, insecure, and uncertain, so it brought in training on managing fear, increasing emotional intelligence, and improving time management.

The company understands that people need to become the leaders of their own lives before they can hope to lead others effectively, so it brought in training on personal leadership.

The company understands that people can argue over finances at home, which can negatively impact job performance, so it introduced a class on managing personal finances and developing effective communication skills.

It goes on and on—from the outrageous financial incentives to the input from all employees to quick motivational sessions on the factory floor to customized t-shirts.

This is a company that is committed to becoming an industry leader, and it probably will. This is a company committed to its personnel, and they’ll probably get great work out of them while building a strong team.

I have only one question for you: What are you doing to create the conditions for success, to bring the best to your team at home, to your team at work, and to yourself?

Get the Nerve!

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Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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