An attitude of gratitude

Develop an attitude of gratitudeThe title says it all. There’s really little else to say except this:

Find time, a few minutes each day this week, and reflect on what you have, who you have, and how fortunate you are. This doesn’t mean that life is necessarily easy and without pain, but simply by the country you live in, you have benefits, support, and opportunities that most people around the world don’t have.

What are you grateful for?

Bring it into your heart this week in a way that may be a bit more conscious than other times of the year. Let it soak into every aspect of your existence. And then push that gratitude out to the world around you. Let it show on your face and in your actions. Let it radiate from your words and your attitude.

You never know…you just may be the miracle people around you need this week.

Get the Nerve!

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