Sue and Tom’s success can easily be yours

Sue and Tom were like most couples. They were running from chore to chore and errand to errand. They never had time, they told themselves. No time to clean the garage. No time to play with the kids.

Fortunately, they attended my time management workshop together, which meant one wouldn’t have to go home and convince the other to make changes. “We both became determined that it was time to change.”

In a letter to me, Sue laid out their plan. “We sat down and made a list of what we wanted to accomplish. We made realistic goals, with achievable dates. As we progress, we mark our calendar and have a ‘mini-celebration’ when we reach our goal.”

Sue and Tom consciously chose their priorities, set them as goals, and went after them. “We started spending more time outside with our kids. To be able to enjoy their smiles is worth more than anything else.”

“We also set up family night, where we either play board games (no technology), talk, sing, or dance. We teach our kids the value of family time and give them a chance to express themselves.”

“One of our short-term goals was to tackle the organization of our garage. We determined things that can be used, recycled, donated, and of course my favorite: trash. We accepted the fact that we don’t have to keep everything.”

“This practice is now being passed down to our kids with their toys. We have a max capacity of two bins for toys and, once that is reached, they have to go through them and determine what they want to keep, donate, recycle, or throw out.”

“I believe if we start with them young, it will be much easier as they get older for bigger projects they may encounter with their respective families.”

Sue was able to see more clearly her earlier failure to act and was yearning for change. “I was tired of sitting on the sidelines, seeing everyone else succeed and be happy while I moped. I guess I just needed some motivation. So from that day forward, we have been able to make better choices on a personal level as well as professional.”

“I realized that although it feels good to help others, when it becomes all about them and you put yourself last, something’s wrong. I wrote down the reasons I continued to allow negative people in my life. After making this assessment, I realized the time had come to part ways. Although it was painful at first, I soon felt liberated. No more of the same drama. No more negativity and definitely more time for the things that matter most to me.”

Closing out her letter to me, Sue added this one last piece of sage wisdom: “Remember to make your goals real, write them down. Look at them every day, make a plan, and follow through! Success is only as far off as you make it. Take control of YOUR life!”

It’s probably not a coincidence that after making conscious choices, setting her priorities, and organizing her life, Sue won an award for excellence at work and got a promotion.

Determine your priorities, be clear about where you’re going, and go for it.

Get the Nerve!

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Dr. Joe Serio is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author who helps the people in your organization navigate resistance to change so they can move forward successfully.

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