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The mindset you need to create a great presentation


You can create and deliver an engaging presentationWe frequently look at a finished product and enjoy it for what it gives us, forgetting — or perhaps never realizing — all the work involved.

And it doesn’t matter what the product is. It could be a car, a movie, clothing, a ballet, a song, this blog post, whatever. And, yes, even a presentation.

When the product reaches an especially high level of craftsmanship, it’s even easier to take it for granted. When it looks effortless, it looks easy. We sometimes even tell ourselves, “That’s easy. I can do that.”

But we can fail to appreciate the countless hours of planning, research, rehearsing, performing, building, and re-building — a lot of hard work — that went into making the final product look “easy.”

It’s frequently not until we try our own hand at it that we realize the mastery involved. [Read more…]

How to get out of your own way


Don't let limiting beliefs stop you“As you work to overcome your self-created limitations, talk to your subconscious, telling it that instead of reacting, you’re now going to respond with conscious choices.”
Wayne Dyer

It’s critical to understand that, ultimately, our biggest obstacles are our self-limiting beliefs.

This may be the single most important idea to grapple with as we imagine the kind of life we want. It’s frequently the only thing standing between us and success.

Success isn’t really about knowing how to do something. Everything we need is already inside of us and everything we need to know is out there waiting for us to pick it up. [Read more…]