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How to find yourself is different than you’d think


Create yourselfMany people say, “I’m struggling to find myself” or “figure out who I am.” The funny thing is, there’s nothing to find—there’s only something to create. Unfortunately, most people let their fears and beliefs stop them from choosing who they want to be.

If we let go of an object, it will drop to the floor. If we drop the object ten times, it will drop to the floor each of those ten times.

Nothing in the way we drop the object, nothing in the way we think about the way it falls, will change the fact that it falls. It’s a physical law. We can’t change gravity.

But most issues pertaining to fear are not scientific in the same way gravity is. Here we’re not interested in neurology or brain chemistry, although of course they play a role in fear. We’re more interested in the stories we have told ourselves and the possibility of changing them.

More than that, we’re interested in creating the tools necessary to move forward, in spite of existing fear, not necessarily in its absence. [Read more…]

The problem with time management isn’t time


Time management is about discipline
“How do I find the time?” and “How do I get more time?” are common questions for many of us with hectic schedules. 

The phrase “time management” is convenient shorthand we all use, but if we’re going to get to the heart of the matter, let’s be crystal clear about the following fact: You don’t have a time management problem, you have a self-management problem.

Time management is really about how you manage your energy; how you set priorities and goals; how well you stick to the plan and adapt to changing circumstances; what you do in the face of distractions; and, perhaps most fundamentally, if you’re really chasing the right things. It’s about how you manage yourself, not the number of hours in a day.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours allotted each day. Some people get a lot done; others talk a lot about what they’re going to do. Some get all of the right things done; others spin their wheels chasing the wrong things. Some keep working toward their goals day in and day out; others get discouraged and quit. [Read more…]