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Simple strategy for success

Tempus fugit - Il tempo vola - Time fliesWhat are you doing with your prime time?

Prime time is when you feel most refreshed, focused, and productive.  

It’s the time when you tackle the most important projects, the most difficult projects, and the projects that will give you the most return on your time investment.

It’s not the time to file papers, get coffee, or catch up with your colleagues on last night’s episode of American Idol or what you ate for dinner.

One of the keys to success is identifying your prime time – whether at work or home – and protecting it as much as you can.

The world beyond

Your comfort zone is predictable, known, and safe. It’s natural that you would choose it over unpredictability and discomfort.

But your comfort zone has a dark side. It’s often a place that harbors fears and doubts. It’s comfortable because you don’t have to challenge yourself too much when you stay there.

Inside the zone, you can create the illusion that everything is ok, making it easier to avoid things that really have to get done or dreams that really need to be lived. Outside the zone you can face your fears and make your dreams come true.

It may be time to venture outside your comfort zone.

Laboring together

Leading through changeWho are you working with? Are they people you like well enough?

Do you allow each other to share ideas, even if they seem unrealistic, without ridicule?

The ability to work together is fundamental to our species. We have the capacity to build amazing things and, in the process, get to know each other just a little bit better.

Look around. Everything that exists was created by two or more people.

R = P Relationships = Power.

Do you come to your co-laboring honestly and openly? Think about ways you could improve your collaboration at work, home, and in the community.

E. E. E.

Enjoy life motivational poster vector background with hand and pointing finger. Positive lifestyle attitude promotion retro vintage grunge banner. Eps10 vector illustration.Is your life E. E. E.? Most of us will say no. Most of us will even scoff at the question.

E. E. E. stands for Easy. Effortless. Enjoyable.

Your resistance is now saying, “Life easy? Are you kidding? Effortless? Do you know how much I struggle?”

E. E. E. is not a description of your daily life. It is about the mindset with which you approach your life.

If you know that life can present struggles and you roll with it, the life of your mind will be easier, effortless, and more enjoyable. It’s about your attitude toward the struggles.