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The critical part about leadership

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Motivational background. Typography poster.A lot of leadership training and books are a waste of time.

That’s because most people miss the point of leadership training.

Leadership is first and foremost about leading yourself. After that, you might be able to lead others.

If you can’t get inside your own head, your own heart, and your own soul for some serious reflection, leadership training will be of very limited value to you.

But if you get the nerve to dig inside yourself with a commitment to being open, honest, and willing to change, you’ll have a chance at becoming the leader you are capable of being.

Quiet your mind and your life

Calmness is key.

If you’re calm, it’s much easier to live in your skin. Quite literally. Your blood pressure will likely be lower and stable. Your hormones won’t be firing off constantly. Your stress response will be activated far less frequently. You would eat better, sleep better, and have better relationships. There’s something to be said for increasing the calmness in your life.

Try this: 1) Breathe. 2) Don’t respond to everything that happens around you. 3) Know what is someone else’s drama and what’s yours. Don’t own theirs. 4) Don’t worry too much about what other people think of you.

What is your Why?

What is your why?Here’s a simple question that you may not be asking yourself enough: “What is my purpose for doing what I do? What is my Why?”

How do I know the question isn’t asked enough? Because countless people can’t say no to things around them. They say yes to giving their time away because their Why isn’t clear and strong.

Knowing your Why, which develops out of your beliefs, values, and vision, helps to define your priorities. When you have priorities to get you to a powerful Why, you go after your goals with fewer distractions.

Get the Nerve!