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You and your screen time

When it comes to time management, your use of screen time is a bit of a double-edged sword. (Think of screen time as television watching, internet browsing, social media use, videogame playing, FaceTime.)

On the one hand, there is truly a tremendous amount of garbage on your screens. It’s a massive time suck that distracts and derails you from having the life you truly want. It pulls you in, sedates you, paralyzes you, and makes it easy for you to freely give up your valuable time.

On the other hand, your screens expose you to news, information, knowledge, and entertainment. They tell you about the world around you, help you relax at the end of a day, and become a way to connect with other people through conversation about what you saw on the screen. [Read more…]

Sue and Tom’s success can easily be yours

Sue and Tom were like most couples. They were running from chore to chore and errand to errand. They never had time, they told themselves. No time to clean the garage. No time to play with the kids.

Fortunately, they attended my time management workshop together, which meant one wouldn’t have to go home and convince the other to make changes. “We both became determined that it was time to change.” [Read more…]