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What are you going to choose?

Managing your time — managing yourself — and reaching your goals is all about the choices you make.

There’s no two ways about it. This is the Holy Grail of time management. If you don’t make good choices, the outcomes you get will reflect that.

If you’re wondering where your time goes, look at the choices you make.

If you’re wondering why you don’t get half the things done you’d like to, look at the choices you make. [Read more…]

Are you a loser?

Closeup portrait angry young Unhappy boy, young student displaying Loser Sign on forehead, pointing at you with disgust isolated grey wall background. Negative human emotion, expression Body LanguageAre you a loser? That seems like a pretty provocative question. It might catch you off guard if someone asked you that. It’s not your typical question.

Chances are pretty good you’d say no even if someone asked you. No, you’re not a loser. After all, who wants to think of themselves as losers? People do their best to feel good about themselves regardless of reality, regardless of actual decisions and choices they make, regardless of the outcomes they’re getting in life.

And yet, day after day, year after year, people lose, lose, and lose. [Read more…]

Time management is spiritual?

prayer to heaven - faith conceptWhen I tell my audiences that time management is a spiritual exercise, they usually look at me like, “What’s this guy talking about?! Spiritual? I’ve never heard that before!”

The simple fact of the matter is time is finite. It will run out. Your one short life will be over. Are you using the talents, gifts, and opportunities given to you?

This idea about the finite nature of time was introduced to me when I was around 13 years old. In our church community there was an old Irish priest with a brogue so heavy I could barely understand what he said.

What I managed to decipher turned out to be his main message, one he repeated often, from the Gospel of Matthew: “You do not know the hour or the day.” And it’s true. It could be tomorrow; it could be when you’re in your 90s. [Read more…]

Killing ants: The secret to your success

Focus acronym - Follow One Course Until SuccessfulIn my programs, there’s a simple question I ask audiences: “When we were kids, how did we kill an ant with the sun?”

The answer, of course, is universal: “Magnifying glass.”

And, of course, that only answers the question, “What instrument did we use to harness the sun to kill an ant.”

When I ask the question again, “How did we kill an ant with the sun?” the most frequently occurring answer is, “We put a magnifying glass over the ant.”

This is still insufficient. [Read more…]