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A lunch to change your life

Illustration of a long shadow light bulb with cutleryIn April, I was invited to be one of the hosts of a new program called Lunch with Leaders.

The idea is simple: There are four hosts who meet every month for lunch. Each host invites a guest who is a leader in business, education, the non-profit world, and others. The eight of us go around the table and introduce ourselves. In the course of the introductions, typically a topic will arise that we revisit for discussion after the introductions.

The eight of us get together in the back room of an Italian restaurant and enjoy a conversation over a lovely lunch.

I have to be honest: I wasn’t that enthralled with the idea at first. But, the results of the very first lunch were shocking. [Read more…]

And then the rains came

Diagram of resilienceI had a pretty great visit to a factory last week.

The place isn’t finished being built, so it wasn’t its looks that made it great.

The high-tech, cutting-edge technology hasn’t been moved in yet, so it wasn’t the gadgets that made it great.

It’s the story behind the people in the factory that made the visit great. [Read more…]

Then the inmate asked me…

What is your why?Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Travis County Correctional Complex here in Austin.

I’ve spent a lot of time in jails and prisons and I’ve even played with a band on the yard of the Texas prison where executions take place. But I’ve never done a presentation for inmates. It was on personal leadership, responsibility, decision making, and fear.

Sheriff Greg Hamilton had mentioned to the audience that I could have spent my time somewhere else getting paid to speak but that I was there for free. After the cheers and hollering died down, one inmate stood up and asked me this: [Read more…]

4 ways to claim your freedom

My freedom, written on white paperThe 4th of July just passed. You’re done with your weekend celebrations of freedom as a country. Time to get back on your pursuit of freedom as a person.

Unfortunately, all too often you spend your time locked in a prison of doubt, cynicism, procrastination, fear, judgment, and countless other manacles that keep you from getting what you want, from what you deserve.

Here are four simple ways to begin to claim your freedom: [Read more…]