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How to let go of the past so you get a clear path to your future


Let others know how you feel

In my last blog, I asked you to clean up things from 2014: do the things you promised to do or wanted to do or get them off your list.

Getting those chores, tasks, and projects off your mind and off your perpetual to-do list will go a long way to clear your way for success. Either do those things or finally cross them off your list as things that will never get done.

One major thing I didn’t talk about in that blog was conversations. This can be a delicate topic, one filled with emotion. [Read more…]

Make a plan to do it or it won’t get done

Schedule your to-do list

In my previous blog, I encouraged you to take 10 minutes to celebrate the accomplishments you had in 2014. Focus on the positives, acknowledging your strengths and successes.

Did you do that last week? If not, ask yourself why. You may have thought it was a silly exercise. You may have dismissed your successes as inconsequential or meaningless. You may have convinced yourself they happened because of other people and not your own effort and contribution.

It’s important to do the exercise, in part, because you create great energy for moving forward. Another reason is, down the road, you’ll find that I’ll ask you to do other things that will build on the previous blogs, so do your best not to ignore them or minimize their importance. Even if it seems silly or seemingly too minor to matter, jump right in. [Read more…]

New year, new blog format

Make 2015 amazing!

Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to be back behind the keyboard visiting with you.

In this first blog of 2015, I’ll be trying something a little different. While I like writing about things philosophical and think they’re an important part of our lives, it’s also critical to be action-oriented.

With that in mind, I’ll be writing one blog per week geared toward being super action-oriented. The action might be simply to think about something specific. Or it could be a small, seemingly insignificant task to complete. Other tasks may take more time and effort, but they will always be worth the reward.

The idea is to make sure you do the action in the week between blogs whenever possible. This gives you a built-in deadline in which to get things done. [Read more…]