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The surprising way to make it easy to embrace change

Embrace change

Many people don’t deal well with change. They find themselves outside their comfort zone, they miss the way things were, and they may not even understand why the change was necessary to begin with and they fight it.

The funny thing is change is everywhere—nothing stays the same.

Every day we grow older, learn new skills, meet new people, and so on. Just in the last four months, I turned 50 years old, got married, moved, and have been working toward taking my business to the next level.

Change isn’t just about the big events in our lives, though those are the most stressful. [Read more…]

Have you found your courage, your voice?

Have you found your voice?

Is lack of courage holding you back? Where can you get courage from? How can you move forward in the face of fear? 

Ultimately, you will have to summon the courage up from inside you, but it helps to have a way to get started. 

This has been on my mind a lot since the death of Robin Williams. Watching him was one of the ways I got started. [Read more…]

How to get control of your reactions so you keep your job

You don't have to start a fight

Many times, your fear, your need to protect yourself, or your narrative from the past dictates or drives the responses you make.

When you choose your responses, you have the option to offer an extreme negative response, an extreme positive response, or anything in between.

Once, at a conference I was hosting, a woman stood up and took me to task in front of an audience of 150 women for some aspect of the conference she thought wasn’t organized very well. Years later, when I was delivering a program on overcoming fear, I told the participants the story about the conference and asked for examples of an extreme negative response I could have given the woman at that moment. [Read more…]

How to take control of the end of your presentation

Own the end of your presentation!

I recently posted a blog about creating a strong opening when you have to deliver a presentation. Don’t forget about the ending, though.

You’re flying high because your presentation has gone great, and you’re excited!

You opened up strongly, included some light material where appropriate; moved to the core of your message; developed it; made an argument; and hopefully informed, persuaded, and entertained your audience.

You’ve been delivering your presentation with passion and sincerity, sharing your expertise in a compelling way with stories, photos, videos, and humor, if the situation called for it.

Now it’s time to wrap up, but closing in a boring way undermines all of your effort. Audience members will readily remember the last thing you tell them. Make it special. [Read more…]

How to avoid making this major mistake during presentations

Don't make this mistake!

Don’t make the near-fatal mistake most people giving a presentation make! No, it’s not fatal for you, but it’s fatal to the success of your talk.

You’ve done all your planning, researching, writing, and rehearsing. You’ve communicated with the teacher, program organizer, your boss, or whoever is coordinating the event at which you’re speaking.

The big day has arrived; you feel good and have gone through your pre-talk psych up. You’re good to go. The host has just introduced you.

And now you stand up to start your compelling presentation with passion and energy. [Read more…]