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Are you on track for the year?

Where are you with your goals?

The year is a little more than half over. That’s a good time to regroup, think about your goals, and decide how to move forward from here. 

Too often you get caught on that treadmill of life: sometimes you can’t remember why you’re running so fast. You’re having a hard time keeping focus and sometimes scratch your head wondering why you’re doing the things you’re doing.

Too many people chase goals they really aren’t interested in. Too many people haven’t given their goals enough thought. 

Here are some great questions to ask yourself as you re-evaluate your current goals and set new ones. [Read more…]

But I’m not ready!

You have to start before you're ready

If you’re like most people, there’s probably something you really want to do but you keep telling yourself you’re not ready.

That’s just not true.

The key to doing anything is doing it before you’re ready. If you waited until you were 100% capable enough to do things in your life, you’d still be crawling. Just like when you started walking, you have to start before you know how to do something and learn as you go. [Read more…]

Overcoming workplace dissatisfaction

Motivate yourself out of dissatisfaction

Motivation is the key to everything we do. If we don’t want to do something (or feel like we have to), then we won’t do it.

Customers have to feel things in order to want to buy things—they make an emotional connection with products and services before they decide to purchase.

Similarly, employees have to feel something about their company—or believe that it makes them feel something about themselves—in order to emotionally invest in their organization. Without that, they can’t truly buy into what the organization is selling, like company culture, community awareness, great benefits, impeccable customer service, etc. [Read more…]

Are you in the game of success, or are you watching from the bench?

Are you in the game?

When you ask successful leaders what it takes for the people in their organization to succeed, they will most often tell you it’s about perseverance, continuing in the face of difficulty. That’s a great answer. There are countless examples of people who defied the odds, refused to take no for an answer, and never gave up.

Perseverance is a great discipline to have—once you’re in the game.

The problem is most people never get in the game. [Read more…]

Do you know where you’re going?

Where are you going?

You may think you know the answer to this question. In reality, unless you’ve done a lot of specific thinking about exactly what your goals are, you probably aren’t very clear about your destination.

Clarity is one of the keys to overcoming fear and being able to Get the Nerve™ to succeed. Chance are, though, that you aren’t clear enough yet.

There are a lot of ways to do this and I’d like to share one of those ways with you today. [Read more…]