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This surprising thing can change your whole day — and how successful you are

Making your bed can make you successful

I recently heard the 2014 commencement speech given by U.S. Navy Admiral William McRaven at the University of Texas. Admiral McRaven was the commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command that organized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

In his address, Admiral McRaven outlined 10 points on how to change the world.

One of those points, the very first one, sounded funny and perhaps a little peculiar. But with some thought, it makes perfect sense. In fact, it makes great sense. [Read more…]

How to accomplish your goal even when it looks like it’s not the right time

There is no perfect moment to go after your dream.

So often I hear people say they are waiting for inspiration before they start pursuing their dreams. They’re waiting for their muse. They’re waiting for the “perfect” moment.

Sounds like perfectionism, procrastina-tion, and fear masquerading as a strategy.

Those who live their dreams are typically people who create the “perfect” moment themselves. They understand that if they wait for conditions to be perfect—all the stars and planets in alignment, everything in its place, and the muse has sprinkled gold dust on their imaginations—they would be waiting a very long time. [Read more…]

1 small thing you can do has the power to change the world

Even small gestures mean the world

I wasn’t planning on writing this blog. I had other ideas floating around in my head, but I was so struck by something that happened the other day I just wanted to write about it.

Earlier in the week, I was the closing keynote speaker at a conference with several hundred attendees. My presentation was very well received, and afterward there were several people who wanted to thank me for an entertaining and informative session.

With a number of people standing in front of me, a woman came up and, over the shoulder of the person standing in front of her, she said, “Thank you for the wonderful presentation. I just want to give you this card.” She extended her arm, handed me the card, and disappeared. [Read more…]

4 keys to maintaining your willpower so you don’t have regrets later

Decide in advance what you want

Willpower has gotten a lot of good press over the years. We admire people who are said to have a lot of it.

We also tend to believe that if we don’t have a lot of willpower then we’re simply stuck with the way we are. “Oh, I just don’t have that much willpower! I could never work that hard! I can’t resist that piece of chocolate cake.”

But willpower isn’t simply an issue of having it or not. You can change your perception of willpower overnight when you understand a little bit about how it works. There’s really only one thing you need to know: [Read more…]

Many people decide what they want, but don’t commit for the long haul

Commit for the long haul

You’ve probably heard of the intense workout program, P90X. It’s part of a series of exercise systems like Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift by the parent company, Beach Body.

Beach Body’s motto is Decide, Commit, Succeed.

That’s on my mind a lot on this last day before I get married to Jennifer. It’s got me thinking about the mentors and role models I’ve had over the years who brought this idea of Decide, Commit, Succeed into their relationships. [Read more…]