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Are you consumed by worry?

Don't let worry consume you

Worry can keep you from doing things that are important to you. Have you gotten to the point where you do only what’s required of you, just enough to keep your job and pay your bills? Are you desperate to do the things in life you really want to do, yet you never seem to do them?

I meet so many people who are missing out on what’s possible for their lives. Where does that come from?

A lot of it comes from worry. (And worry is really just fear.) [Read more…]

Why you’re not making more progress than you are

Celebrate all your successes!

If you feel like you’re never really making any progress toward your goal, you may have a hard time giving yourself credit.

Do you take time to celebrate your victories? You might downplay your accomplishments as insignificant and focus on the negative, the pessimistic, or the difficult side of everything.

Over the past few years of speaking and training at agencies and associations, I’ve stayed in touch with a number of people who have become serious about dealing with their fear and improving themselves in ways they hadn’t for years, perhaps ever. I love getting emails from them about their progress in changing their beliefs, actions, and, ultimately, their lives. [Read more…]

Studies show supervisors make or break your job satisfaction

Studies show supervisors make or break your job satisfaction

How do you feel about your supervisor? If you’re a supervisor, how do you feel about your people?

Some of you may answer, “I don’t care how anybody feels. I’m here to do a job, and I do it.” And those of you who are also supervisors might say, “My people get paid to do the job. That’s it. This isn’t a popularity contest.”

You may know by now that that’s old thinking. [Read more…]

How to manage the mental clutter and remember everything you have to do

Dealing with mental clutter

Have you done your mind sweep today?

That might sound a little strange to you, but it’s a valuable tool in your productivity toolkit, especially when you use it on a regular basis.

The mind sweep helps you clear out the clutter of ideas, tasks, and other random things bouncing around your mind. The process is easy. Sit down and capture on paper or in your computer all of the things that you think have to get done and are keeping you from being productive. [Read more…]

See how easily you can learn to say no

Learning to say no means moving past your fears

I meet a lot of people who have a hard time saying no. It’s an issue that’s full of emotion. Trying to protect yourself and others at the same time is difficult and painful—it seems like someone always loses.

I’m a big fan of helping people and I truly believe that I get a lot when I give to others. But having the ability to say no when you need to is critical. In fact, saying no at the right time is one of the keys to getting what you want.

How many times have you worked late or neglected someone you wanted to spend time with—even yourself—because you said yes to someone? [Read more…]