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Keep holiday stress from hurting your family

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No matter how much you and your family love each other, is there too much drama in your relationships? Are you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained, tired of all the yelling, tearing each other down, blaming, and accusing? Is it sometimes worse during the holidays?

You’ve probably heard the saying that we frequently treat strangers better than we treat our loved ones. Why are we all so willing to hurt those we care about most, but we’ll put people we barely even know on some kind of pedestal? [Read more…]

The myth of time management


We talk about time management as though time is something we can manipulate. We use convenient phrases like “managing time,” “saving time,” and “making time.” In reality, it’s all time management tips, get the nerve, joe serio, watching tv, my future, what i'm passionate about, going back to school, make more money, what do i want to do with my lifeabout how we manage ourselves.

Since our time management is really about who we are and how we manage ourselves, it is a spiritual journey. It gets to the essence of our human experience, and is central in how we fulfill the promise of our potential.

Time is the most precious commodity we have; it’s the one thing we can’t ever get more of. We’re only ever just running out of it. [Read more…]

Stop existing and start living

It’s Sunday, late afternoon. Resentment sets in as you start thinking about all the stuff you still haven’t gotten done this weekend, and now the weekend’s over. You have from now until time management, joe serio, Get the Nerve to Succeed, time management tips, laundry, passion, purpose, housekeepingbed to finish the laundry, get dinner on the table, pack lunches, return emails and phone calls, and figure out what you’re going to wear tomorrow.

You know you should do the right thing and turn the light out at 10. But you just want a few more minutes of freedom before it’s back to the grind. You shut the TV off later than you know you should have, and now you’re ready for sleep. Well, your brain is. Your mind is wide awake. [Read more…]