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Spinning Wheels

Part of the problem with managing time is that it’s just so easy to spin our wheels. We can fool ourselves that activity equals progress. Being busy, hectic, and manic becomes, after a while, our default mode, and we become blinded to the fact that we’re not really getting what we want or need. We sit back, exhausted, scratch our heads and say: “Wow, where did that day go?! I didn’t get anything done.”

There are countless ways we spin our wheels: [Read more…]

Face the Brutal Facts

Sometimes it’s difficult to move out of the rut we find ourselves in. Sometimes that “rut” is called our lives. We can slip into habits, either inherited or of our own making, that lead us to a place that is stale, boring, unhealthy, or even dangerous. After a while, we may not even realize that we’re standing still or even sliding backwards. We may tell ourselves, “That’s just my life. It’s always been that way.” And it’s easier not to look too closely – just keep the status quo.

The nice thing about all of this is that, at any given moment, you can decide to change it. You won’t necessarily make instantaneous progress; indeed, it may take years and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. But the moment you decide to change – really, truly decide to change – will be the most powerful moment of your life, and nothing will be the same after that. Your universe will start to change as soon as you make the decision. [Read more…]