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What’s Your Reason?

Why do you even care about time management? Is it to work more efficiently so the owners of your company become wealthier? Is it to make more money for the government agency you work at? Is it to become a millionaire? Is it about money at all?

There are a lot of reasons people care about time management. Some of it may have to do with money. Some of it has to do with excellence. Some of it with achievement. For many people, time management is about being organized enough to get everything done that needs to get done so that there’s enough time to have fun.

Remember to make time to have fun, to be with the ones you love, and to keep your eye on what really matters. Have a great holiday.

To-do List vs. Master List

I’ve talked about setting up and reviewing your containers, so I spent some time reviewing my own and taking action on a couple that needed attention. I feel freed up and can now focus on more important things.

A regular, quick review of my containers – and putting everything in its place – is central to my time management system. In this way, things don’t pile up and become overwhelming. It saves me time in the long run and reduces frustration, stress, and distractions.

Here’s another way to save time and reduce frustration and stress: make realistic and reasonable To-Do Lists. [Read more…]