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Self-coaching: Permission and Accountability

I had a great phone call with Sharon, a coaching client, about her passions and goals. She already had a game plan for getting out from under financial and relationship burdens. She had a very good idea of what she wanted. She’d done a lot of work, created a goal, and made a schedule.

Half the battle was done. As my friend, Jess Maghan, author of the book “40 Fathers: The Search for Father in Oneself,” would say, “A well-stated problem is half solved.” Since Sharon knew what had to be done in order to get out from under her burden, her burden became easier. She broke it down into bite-size pieces making it far easier to digest. Then, from her master list of goals, she selected the one to work on next: finish writing the book she’d started. She was weary from the weight of that burden and hadn’t yet wrapped her mind around tackling it. [Read more…]